Our Clients

Company name
WeOne General Contrcting Compny
Green Groves Company for Enviormental Services
Tran Ge Trading and Contracting Company
Ali Nasser Al Nassar Partners Company
Branch of Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Company
Riyad Al Dana Trading and Contacting Instrumentation Controls Company
Al Ghurair Construction and Foundation Saudi Co.
Al Ghurair Construction and Ready Mix Saudi
Al Ghurair Saudi Investment Company
Al Ghurair Construction and Arabian Aluminium LLC.
Sea Safety Marine Services Company LTD
NGC Energy Saudi LLC
Advanced Services Company Ltd.
Mega Solution Domain Trading Company
Communication and Power System Co.LTD
JGB Company LLC
Royal Gulf Arabia Company Ltd
Golden Branch Company for Food And Trading.
Golden Fence Forming & Processing Metals Co.
Candle Light Maintenance Cleaning Establishment Advance Creativity Company
Electrical Power System Contracting