Audit Services And Liquidation Services

Our basic job in the professional practice is to audit clients’ financial statements to give our independent technical opinion of the accounts. Auditing is performed in accordance with the legal auditing requirements in addition to Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) requirements, and in consistence with the international auditing practices. Our audit is performed as per the international standards. In this regards, the following auditing procedures shall have special importance:

  • Study and evaluate the internal control system and accounting procedures.
  • Control of the actual inventory procedures.
  • Independent verifications of assets and expenditures.
  • Study of client accounting system to minimize cost and increase profitability of the client.

We are also engaged in Preparation of the liquidation report of the company. Submission of the Liquidation report to ZATCA and Cancellation of company’s zakat file and obtain final clearance certificate from ZATCA for SAGIA and Submission of financial statement to ministry of commerce and investment. As part of our services, we submit to our client management reports about the substantial shortcomings and weak points in its internal control system and accounting procedures as well as any other accounting violations which may be observed during our audit.

Check And Evaluate The Applied Financial System

Our office provides critical study for financial and accounting systems, control systems and internal control as follows:

  • Obtain and study the applied accounting evidence.
  • Study of the current applied reporting system.
  • Study the applied accounting procedures and methods of control.
  • Verification of pre-cast balance sheets.
  • Verification of internal auditing system and its efficiency
  • Verification of correct control procedures to manage shareholders and members’ records.
  • Study the applied accounting policy etc..

Zakat, Income Tax And Withholding Tax Services

  • Filing the Tax & Zakat return to ZATCA
  • Prepare and audit tax and Zakat assessment for companies, establishments and individuals and study its calculations.
  • Prepare and follow up the Zakat and taxation amount due and assist to respond to inquiries
  • Obtain all types of certificates and submit the requirements to ZATCA
  • Provision of tax and income inquiries in general.
  • Withholding tax submission and evaluation.

Translation Services

Our Office provides certified translation services through qualified personal for this section where we can translate accounting records for the satisfaction of ZATCA as per regulations besides all types of translation needed for certify caters, documents, and feasibility studies.

VAT Services

Our VAT leadership and team consists of experienced, passionate and ambitious staff who have VAT implementation, Advisory, Compliance and VAT Audit experience across various industries. Our Team is competent to provide end-to-end solution in relation to VAT in Saudi and other GCC countries. We are determined to own client’s challenges, train and make things simple and easy. We will be able to provide solution with respect to Value Added Tax (‘VAT’) to be introduced in Gulf Cooperation Council (‘GCC’) countries 2018.